PI and co-Pis


Project Title

Cindy Blois and Felicia Tabing

University of Southern California

The WoMentoring Group

Nina H. Fefferman, J.C. Beck, and Natalie Lemanski

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Development of Peer Networks by Producing Videos Highlighting the Careers of Women in Math

Borbala Mazzag and Kamila Larripa

Humboldt State University

Leveraging the Mathematical Contest in Modeling to Support Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

Robin Gottlieb, Ana Balibanu, Rosalie Belanger-Rioux, Emily Braley, Neha Gupta, Alison Miller, and Morgan Opie

Harvard University

Mathematics ClusteRs Engaging Women ( CREW )

Cymra Haskell

University of Southern California

Mathematical Retreat

Doug Ensley

Mathematical Association of America

Graduate Education Information Workshop

Nathan Corwin, Alexander Diaz-Lopez, and Kathryn Haymaker

Villanova University

Mathematics Discovery Bootcamp

Feryal Alayont and Lauren Keough

Grand Valley State University

Increasing Success of Women in Mathematics (ISWiM)

Emille D. Lawrence and Molly Creagar

University of San Francisco

Women Do Math Mini-Symposium

Sara Maloni and Fracesco DiPlinio

University of Virginia

Diversity and Inclusion in Mathematics at the University of Virginia

Alison Marr

Southwestern University

Hidden No More: Stories of Triumph, Excellence and Achievement in Math and Computer Science

Richard McGehee, Alice Nadeau, Kim Logan, and Harini Chandramouli

University of Minnesota

Mathematics Project at Minnesota

Katherine Newhall, Fracesca Bernardi, and Katrina Morgan

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Association for Women in Mathematics Triangle Conference

Patrick Guidotti, Natasha Komarova, and Alessandra Pantano

University of California – Irvine

Building a Community of Peers

Kaitlyn Phillipson, Jason Callahan, and Carol Gee

St. Edward’s University

Building Community to Prepare for Graduate Study in Mathematics

Candice Price

University of San Diego

USTARS Collaboration Travel Grants

Po-Ning Chen and Tim McEldowney

University of California – Riverside

Summer Program in Advanced Mathematics

Della Dumbaugh and Heather Russell

University of Richmond

Level Up: Bulding  Community and Confidence

Rebecca Segal

Virginia Commonwealth University

C3PO (Core knowledge, Community, and Confidence through a Programming Overview)

Eric Shea-Brown

University of Washington

Undergraduate Women Applied Math Mentorship Program (UW-AMP)

Yuan Wang, Angela Robinson, Anae Myers, Catherine Berrouet, and Olivia Turner

Florida Atlantic University

Dare to BEE