Grant-writing to support your AWM Student Chapter

Why we should write grants   Congratulations on starting and/or running an AWM Student Chapter! In this post, we will address applying mainly for the MAA Tensor grant to fund the chapter activities, though the advice may apply to other grants, as well.   First of all, we want to encourage Student Chapters to apply [...]


Regional Women’s Intellectual Networks Research Symposium (WINRS) conferences

In Spring 2017, Brown University hosted a one-day regional conference titled “Women's Intellectual Networks Research Symposium (WINRS), New England: A Meeting of Mathematical Minds”.   The AWM chapter at Brown received the Student Chapter Award in Scientific Excellence that year for their role in organizing this event.   The success of this conference [...]


Reading programs: mentorship and educational enrichment combined

As an undergraduate, I benefited from participating in Rutgers' Directed Reading Program. This program (DRP for short) matches up interested undergrads and volunteer graduate students to read a textbook or a series of papers. This allows students to pursue interests outside the standard curriculum. It is also a mentorship opportunity. I got to ask my [...]


Student Chapters: Recruiting Members and Keeping Them Coming

Some of our AWM Student Chapters are active and vibrant yet concerned about what happens after the current leaders and members earn their degrees, others might like to build membership and excitement now. Whatever the circumstances of your student chapter, you’ll find ten ideas for recruiting members and keeping them coming to your activities below. [...]


University of Oregon AWM Distinguished Lecture

The University of Oregon AWM Student Chapter will welcome Dr. Rebecca Goldin of George Mason University on May 9 - 10, 2019 as the spring term Distinguished Lecturer.  Dr. Goldin will give an undergraduate talk entitled "Should You Believe It? Critical Minds in the Information Age" and a colloquium entitled "Schubert calculus, Schubert structure operators, [...]


6 African American professors honored for work in higher education

Black women hold only one percent of the full-time faculty roles on college campuses. EDGEr Veronica Hill featured as one of the mathematics professors awarded. Watch the video:

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