Dr. Christina Sormani earned her PhD from the Courant Institute in 1996 and went to Harvard for her first postdoc.  During her second postdoc at Johns Hopkins, she married and had a child in 1999.  After a one semester maternity leave she returned to New York City to be near her daughter’s grandparents, starting a tenure track job at CUNY's Lehman College.   Her second child was born in 2001 and an unplanned third child in 2003.  At that time, Lehman College offered unpaid maternity leave and she took the 3-semester- long leaves.  It would have cost more to work and pay for childcare anyway.  While home with the kids she had more time for research than she did while teaching.   She got early tenure in 2003 and was promoted to the doctoral faculty in 2004, but lost her NSF research funding. After repeated attempts and taking an unpaid research leave, she regained her NSF research funding and was then awarded Full Professor in 2010.  In 2014 she was chosen to be an AMS Fellow.