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The conference “Midwest Geometry Conference 2019” to be held at the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University in Ames, IA, from September 6 to 8, 2019. Iowa State University is an Institutional Member of the AWM. Organizers at Iowa State University are Pablo Raúl Stinga (AWM member) and X. Hien Nguyen (AWM member). The organizing committee includes David Auckly (Kansas State), Ivan Blank (Kansas State), Yueh-Ju Lin (Wichita State), Catherine Searle (Wichita State) and Shishu Walter Wei (Oklahoma). The conference topics are geometry and geometric analysis as understood in their broad sense, including Riemannian geometry, differential topology, mean curvature flow and free boundary problems. There will be 6 plenary lectures. All of our plenary lecturers are women: Alice Chang (Princeton), Jeanne Clelland (Colorado-Boulder), Donatella Danielli (Purdue), Casey Kelleher (Princeton), Juanita Pinzón-Caicedo (NC State) and María Soria-Carro (UT Austin). In addition, there will be 6 contributed lectures by graduate students and postdocs. We received funding from NSF and the Office of the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Iowa State. We strongly encourage the participation of women and students from underrepresented minority groups.