Women in graduate school for the mathematical sciences

“Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals is a good idea, and works even better if you use a buddy system”

We all need some support navigating through graduate school. Read How to be a Good Grad Student.

Marie DesJardins, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Number of Women in Mathematics

AWM Newsletter 2014

43% Undergraduate

28% Graduate

21% Postdocs

12% Tenured at R1

The percentage of women in mathematics careers significantly decreases after the undergraduate level. WomenDoMath recognizes this disparity and provides a resource and network for graduate women in mathematics.

Research Networks for Women

WAMB, a research network for women in mathematical biology

Research networks are great platforms for all mathematicians to stay connected with special communities geared towards the field of mathematics they are interested in. Even better, there are such networks with a focus on women mathematicians!