K-12 Programs

Summer Workshop in Mathematics
for female high school students

 AWM Essay Contest

Are you a great writer in middle or high school? Participate in the annual AWM Essay Contest! Check out the rules below.

 GEMS Programs

Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) is a nationwide program for girls in elementary and middle school to gain exposure to the fun and wonder of STEM fields.


Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Days

The purposes of Sonia Kovalesky Math Days are to encourage young women to continue their study of mathematics, assist them with the sometimes difficult transitions between middle school and high school mathematics and between high school and college mathematics, and to encourage colleges and universities to develop more extensive cooperation with middle schools and high schools in their area.

 Benjamin Banneker Association

The Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to mathematics education advocacy, establishing a presence for leadership, and professional development to support teachers in leveling the playing field for mathematics learning of the highest quality for African-American students.

MAA AMC – American Mathematics Competitions Program

The MAA’s American Mathematics Competitions program helps America’s educators identify talent and foster a love of mathematics among middle and high school students through friendly competitions. The program is a series of examinations and curriculum materials that build problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in a low-stress, friendly environment. Also students can register to be MAA members! Learn more.

 The Math Revolution

For the first time in 21 years, the United States team had won first place in the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad. For American students who have an appetite to learn math at a high level, something very big is happening.

Curriculum Inspirations by James Tanton

Curriculum Inspirations is a multimedia experience for the middle-school and high-school communities provided by math educator James Tanton. In this video, he takes viewers through question #20 from the 2006 MAA AMC 12B competition about functions for the 12th grade level. Look through Tanton’s 200 videos for both students and teachers to bring excitement to mathematics learning, thinking, and doing.

Expii. The Personalized Learning Revolution

Expii is a completely free education space founded by Po-Shen Loh, a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University. This interactive website provides free tutorials focused on math and science for students, teachers, tutors, and enthusiasts. Loh is helping launch the revolution in education which facilitates learning through mobile technology worldwide.

One of Expii’s interactive maps under the Calculus math circle. You can choose how you want to learn with different videos and voices teaching these subtopics.