The Association for Women in Mathematics cordially invites you to form an AWM Student Chapter at your college or university. This is a great way to connect with other female mathematicians in both industry and academia!

Why should you start a student chapter?

  • AWM Student Chapter members get free AWM membership including a free subscription to the AWM Newsletter.
  • Networking opportunities and our new AWM Speaker project.
  • shaping the presence of AWM in social media. We need you to help AWM evolve
  • provide opportunities for students to meet, provide support, plan social events, provide services to the campus and local community, and create comfortable, personalized and enriching local academic environment.

What do AWM student chapters do?

→become communities with an awareness of and sensitivity to the unique features
→promoting gender equity in the mathematical community.       →Hold regular meetings and events open to all undergraduate and graduate students                                                                                 →Combine it with an existing Club. For example, Pi Mu Epsilon or the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

→Be awesome: Ultimately, Our AWM Student Chapters inspire us as well as each other.

Here are some ideas of what AWM chapters have done in the past!

How do you start a student chapter?

Becoming an AWM Student Chapter is easy! Here are the steps:

  • Have three students willing to serve as officers and a faculty sponsor who is an AWM member. Each of the officers can sign up for complimentary membership when the petition is submitted.
  •  Create Student Chapter Bylaws using the template and complete the Petition for a New Chapter Form to create a Student Chapter.

Start an AWM Chapter today!