Watch these amazing mathematicians in this video answer questions and give advice about being a woman in mathematics


The WomenDoMath initiative is brought to you by the WATCH US (Women Achieving Through Community Hubs in the United States) grant funded by the NSF

The goal of the WATCH US project is to increase and diversify the number of professional mathematicians in the United States by identifying and proliferating best practices and known mechanisms for increasing the success of women in mathematics graduate programs, particularly women from under-represented groups. In addition to the WomenDoMath site, the project supports both exploratory and effectiveness research to address the following questions: Which interventions are most critical in the success of women, as a function of their position along distinct diversity axes? Which features of these interventions are most effective as a function of the stage of the participant’s career? A stakeholder’s meeting was held in June, 2017 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln to inform the development of a process for effective, collective decision-making and to disseminate the results of the research study. Finally, a set of scalable prototype activities were selected for mini-grants. We will continue to post research results  and data as they become available.

WATCH US (Women Achieving Through Community Hubs in the United States)” is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation; OMA-MPS Multidisciplinary Sciences #1649365 (2016-2018).



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